Your Personal On-Site Expert

We know that computers and computer networks can be confusing and even stressful tools to work with. We'll take that stress away. When you partner with Allen's, we'll make sure your computers are always working for you instead of against you.

To keep it simple, Allen's will do whatever you need done to make your computer system work better. This might include basic maintenance, troubleshooting, hardware and software training, or helping you create and maintain an efficient network. Our goal is to make your system work at its optimum level so that you can do your best work.

Solutions When & Where You Need Them

lady on phone at PCWe know you depend on your computers for your work. The sooner we can get them up and running, the faster you can get back to being productive. That's why Allen's specializes in on-site service. Being onsite also lets us analyze your problem where it occurred, helping us make the most accurate diagnosis and the fastest fix. Because we understand how much you value your time. And you'll be surprised at our low rates. Call for a free consultation: 253-377-9457.